We use non-chemical, innovative and highly effective hot-water technology to manage weeds.

At Acacia, we provide effective and responsible methods to combat invasive species reduction.

That’s why we use Heatweed® technology, a ground-breaking solution which ensures safe, clean and cost effective non-chemical weed control. Using hot water, Heatweed® is proven to deliver optimal results by destroying cell structure and having systemic effects on the roots.


Environmentally Friendly
No chemicals

Cost Effective
Highly efficient per square metre cost

Low fuel consumption
Lowest CO2 emmision class

Active Temperature Regulation
Consistent, great results on weed

High Safey – No fire risk
Can be used in all seasons & on all surfaces

Low Water Consumption
Can use recycled water

Low Noise Level
Never above 85 dB

Can Be Used in All Weather
Rain, hail or shine

Getting to the root of the problem

The main reason why the Heatweed® Method gives a stable, consistent result through Active Temperature Regulation, which secures highly accurate water temperature. The high temperature destroys the cell structure of the plant and kills the upper part immediately. After each treatment, the plants grow weaker and weaker, until it is eradicated permanently. An average of three or four treatments a year will suffice.

To learn more about how Acacia can provide safe and innovative non-chemical weed management, contact us